We believe in connecting with nature to develop our children’s character, nurturing holistic 21st century individuals teeming with Love and Compassion.

Kidz Treehouse children are empowered to take action and make a difference in the world. Our children are our hope for the future.

In the pursuit of positive global environmental impact, Kidz Treehouse was awarded the Brands for Good Award for excellence in inspiring social change by grooming responsible stewards of the Earth.

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Inspiring Character Excellence since 2007

Change begins with hope, and hope begins with our children. We strongly believe in nurturing the young generation with good character values. We develop children to be mindful of their actions and are resilient to face the challenges of the uncertain future.

Let's Commit to Save the Earth
One Step at a Time

Kidz Treehouse has impacted numerous lives, encouraging each to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Through our Eco-Inspired campuses, sustainable policies and events, we pledge to save the Earth!

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