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At Kidz Treehouse Nature Campus, we offer premium nature-based education programmes to groom global changemakers. Our student care services ensure that children are well cared for, while our quality enrichment programmes ensure that they are immersed in an eco-centric curriculum.


Change begins with hope, and hope begins with our children. We strongly believe in raising a young generation of hopeful, knowledgeable and skilled individuals who are able to be advocators of real environmental change.

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Kidz Treehouse has impacted numerous lives, encouraging each to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Through our eco-inspired centres, sustainable policies and events, we pledge to save the Earth! Join us in leading a lifestyle geared towards zero waste by clicking your preferences plus favourite environmental facts, and pledging your support today!

Our Nature-based Programmes

Nature-based Student Care

We nurture the changemakers of tomorrow through our eco-inspired student care service with a focus on environmental sustainability and character development.

Forest School

In a world where it takes a village to raise a child, our Forest School (the village) ensures that children are socially conscious and well versed in earth stewardship.

Nature-based Child Care

It’s never too early to start nurturing the changemakers of tomorrow! Our eco-inspired child care service is anchored in environmental sustainability and character development.


Collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. We’re set on raising young global citizens with 21st century skills. Are you?

Eco Camp

We walk the talk on sustainability. Children are able to apply environmentally sustainable practices as they experience a carefully curated camp spearheaded with a green purpose.

Nature Explorers

Through meaningful sensory experiences, we encourage curiosity and inquisitiveness in children as they explore the marvels of nature.

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