4 Hidden Secrets Why Your Child’s Classmates are Faring Better: The Rise of Student Care

Too busy to spend time with your child? Afraid that he/she will be at a disadvantage compared to their peers if he/she is left alone at home? Due to rising living costs, both parents having to work is becoming a norm and subsequently, the number of children going to student care is set to rise. Here are the top four reasons why you shouldn’t let your kids miss out!

Nature-based Student Care (Programmes)

Student Care Centres provide a structured and conducive environment

Student Care Centres (SCC) provide a structured and conducive environment for children by providing constant care and supervision. As a child’s early years are crucial for their development, it is important for them to have a safe and familiar setting to come back to after school every day. Parents can concentrate on their work while having peace of mind that their children are being well taken care of.

After-school care centres provide educational and enrichment programmes which are specially curated to complement the curriculums in schools, helping students to reinforce their own learning. SCCs also supervise and guide students to complete their homework for the day. Studies have also shown that young children had higher academic success as teenagers if they had high-quality student care as children. Therefore, parents do not have to worry so much about their children’s studies and can enjoy more quality time with them at home.

After-school activities help to support the development of students 

Apart from help with homework, students in SCCs also engage in enrichment activities such as arts and crafts which fosters creativity and imagination. This will enable them to hone their analytic and problem-solving skills. Curriculums are balanced in a way to meet the learning objectives of the student centre while ensuring that the students have fun in the process. 

Due to studies emphasizing the importance of play during childhood, SCCs make it a priority to provide a safe space and ample time for students to engage in supervised play. Outdoor play is particularly important to provide sensory stimulation as well as improve the students’ motor skills while developing a love for nature and the outdoors.

SCCs also regularly bring their students for outings to teach them how to navigate the outside world which helps to foster a sense of independence as well as curiosity as students are exposed to a variety of external stimuli and sensory experiences to keep them constantly engaged. By creating a nurturing environment for learning through programmes such as Eco Camp and Nature Explorers, children will gain confidence and develop the necessary skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Setting students up for success

SCCs not only provide educational support but also social and life skills that will benefit them in the long run. Despite constant supervision, students are encouraged to take responsibility to complete their own homework and assignments.

The students also benefit from having company with children their own age. This is especially so for those without siblings or anyone else at home to take care of them. Student care can encourage a sense of community between children and help them develop the necessary social skills to prepare them for the future. Socialising helps build confidence and instil moral values such as learning to share or give and take when it comes to dealing with their playmates. 

Children who go to student care early have proven to possess higher intellectual abilities due to the opportunities for interaction and observation. Children also get to see other adults apart from family as mentors and authority figures able to provide positive guidance and encouragement while discouraging negative interactions in the daycare environment.

Student care benefits parents too

Apart from the advantages student care can have for children, there are immense benefits for parents as well! Student care services enable parents to focus on their job especially for low-income or single parents to take advantage of opportunities for advancement. Single-parent households can take advantage of additional support and subsidies for student care while they advance in their careers without worrying about them mixing with the wrong company. Parents also reap social capital through the friendships they make with other parents who can provide parenting advice and support.

To sum up, student care services can provide immense benefits for both parents and children by providing a wide array of resources and activities to keep children mindfully engaged and happy. At the same time, parents can focus on working and gain friends with other parents who can provide support. Make sure to do your research regarding the learning structure as well as the grants you might be able to qualify for before enrolling your child into student care. 

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