5 Benefits of Learning In Nature (Part 2)

In part 1, we’ve seen how children who have experienced outdoor learning welcome positive behavioural changes. They are receptive to creative ideas and are self-confident. Also, who would’ve thought at nature exploration could help children in building a strong vocabulary and knowledge about the world!

In part 2, we continue to share two more benefits children gain from learning outdoors. If you want happier children who care about our environment and are up to date with current climate affairs, this is for you!

4. Develops Well Being and Happiness

A study in Australia has found that hands-on contact with nature during a child’s first schooling years can play a significant role in cultivating positive mental health and wellbeing.

The same research has shown that children who are frequently learning outdoors return less anxious and happier. Children are encouraged to be explorers and to go on a discovery journey!

5. Heightened Awareness of Environmental Issues

Trained instructors and teachers can guide their learning by prompts and cascading questions that help children to evaluate what they see and do.

Children are more aware of how climate change affects the ecosystem and how it in turns, affects and causes human behaviour and habits to change.

They have the first-hand experience on what climate change is doing to the environment. Thus, meaningful and educational conversations prompt individuals to brainstorm creative ideas and find solutions that can reduce climate change.

Nature Explorers

Nature doesn’t belong to us and thus, we need to inspire children to protect and respect it. Our outdoor programme, Nature Explorers, aims to get children in tune with nature. Through meaningful sensory experiences, they are urged to be interested, curious, free and most necessarily, be children. That’s the beauty of childhood!

We want them to climb trees, jump from rock to rock and perhaps appreciate a dark cloud. It’s learning but in a different setting. We take away the walls and venture into the natural environment. As we said, it’s school but not as you traditionally know it.

So allow children to succeed by granting them meaningful time in nature! Join us in seizing learning opportunities and seeking out new challenges. Sign up here TODAY!

Find out more about Nature Explorers here (Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park) and here (Jurong Lake Gardens).

We never stop learning!