In recent weeks, the world was overwhelmed with panic over the CoVid-19 pandemic (previously named nCoV2019). Photos of empty supermarket shelves circulated around via WhatsApp like wildfire. Naturally, as parents, we are concerned about our children’s well being. Follow these five ways to protect your child from CoVid-19 (without killing the environment).

1. Relook into your ingredients when making your own hand sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer to protect your child from virus

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While hand sanitizers are hot on the market right now, many articles have been urging netizens to make their own hand sanitizers. However, some of these home-made hand sanitizer recipes called for incorrect ingredients that would perpetuate bacteria growth instead of doing what you have intended for it to do. So yes, you should be dumping those home-made concoctions as they might not necessarily protect your child from CoVid-19. Instead of making your own sanitizers in individual bottles, save those plastic bottles for recycling! Hand Washing to prevent bacteria

(Source: Health Hub)

Instead, follow these steps to wash your hands frequently if you do not have access to hand sanitizers. Remember, washing your hands is much more than running water through your hands. Setting up routines and checkpoints, such as getting your child to wash their hands immediately after coming home, before eating and after touching unclean surfaces, would be helpful in staying germ-free! 

2. Clean your DIY face mask regularly

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Surgical masks are made up of 3 layers, according to industrial standards. Making your own cloth face mask requires an air filter layer (usually dried wet tissues) to be changed regularly. Do remember to use the face mask correctly to protect yourself from the virus. If wearing a cloth mask puts your mind to ease, make sure to clean them regularly! Alternatively, avoiding crowded areas by creating wonderful memories at home through fun and interactive activities. If your child is being taken care of at our Kidz Treehouse Student Care Centre, get him or her to share some of the activities that he or she has done at school today. 

3. Eating a balanced meal

Balanced meal for children to eat well and be healthy

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As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. While the CoVid-19 vaccine is still months away, keeping healthy with well balanced and nutritious meals will go a long way to keep your child’s immune system strong.  If your child is a picky eater, check out some of these hidden vegetable recipes, that would get your child the vitamin he or she would need, here. P.S. Our personal favourite is the vegetable pasta. Oh, another plus point is that eating less meat is can keep us and the earth healthy!

4. Get some fresh air and exercise 

Exercise more to keep yourself healthy

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Getting your child off their screen to go outdoors can help to build their immunity. Futhermore, exercising together with your child can also create memories that can last both of you a lifetime. The key is to stop being afraid and start building your child’s immune system up to protect your child from CoVid-19. If you are worried about being outdoors, try some of these kid-friendly exercises you can do together with your child. Who knows! This could end up being a weekly activity that you and your child will look forward to!

5. Clean surfaces often

Common areas such as doorknobs, tables, lift buttons, are breeding grounds for bacteria. Rest assured that public spaces have stepped up their cleaning measures but let’s do our part to be socially responsible by getting your child to wash his/her hands after touching common area surfaces. Common home surfaces such as the dining table, toilet door handles and taps should be wiped down regularly to protect your child from unwanted bacteria.

Most importantly, spread positivity and love instead of fear. Research has shown that being transparent about the current situation helps to create safety and trust. Talking to your child can alleviate these fears that they may have. Even as you protect your child from the virus, having honest conversations about the situation can also help your child build mental resilience. Here are some questions that you can ask your child as they try to navigate and understand the current CoVid-19 situation.

  1. What do you know about the CoVid-19? (Resources on CoVid-19)
  2. Pick one emoji that (Emotion barometer) represents how you feel about the CoVid19 situation? Why do you feel this way?
  3. Why do you think you need to wash your hands?
  4. What do you think is happening to the healthcare system in Singapore?
  5. What is one thing you can do for the people who are fighting hard to keep the country safe? (You may also show them acts of kindness that Singaporeans have done such as Brave Heart SG and Kidz Treehouse)
  6. What are some ways you can protect yourself and your family from CoVid-19?

Stay healthy and positive during this period! Share with us some of your tips on how you are protecting your child from the CoVid-19 virus. Sending you lots of positive vibes from us at Kidz Treehouse.

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