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The ripples of change begins within. What can I do for the ailing planet? We have the power to create a huge impact by changing small habits consistently. Follow and contribute to our sustainability campaigns as part of the green movement. Pledge with us!

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Kidz Treehouse has impacted numerous lives, encouraging each to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Through our eco-inspired centres, sustainable policies and events, we pledge to save the Earth! Join us in leading a lifestyle geared towards zero waste by clicking your preferences plus favourite environmental facts, and pledging your support today!

Life is good with easy access to energy and water. But without the duo, life is unsustainable. Click to discover ways we can be wise with water and economical with energy.
Every little effort counts as we progress towards a zero-waste lifestyle. Be an informed member of society and lead the pack with conscious lifestyle habits that encourage a greener world. Read on to know how to be part of a green movement!
We’re losing rainforests due to human-driven actions and natural environmental disasters. Deforestation is one of the real causes of climate change, and the reason why the eco-system is going awry. Find out more on ways we can lessen the impacts of deforestation here!
Get to know animals by respecting their freedom, understanding their plight and taking action to make the wild a better place. If you want to make an informed decision before being a paw-rent, or believe in being a voice for the voiceless, this corner of the web is for you.
Temperatures are rising and it’s causing humanity and wildlife a lot of discomfort. How can we gear up for climate change? What are the ways to reduce carbon footprint? Find out here!

Eco-Champions Youtube Channel

See our very own Kidz Treehouse children in action as they share tips and facts on saving the Earth!


Read on the thoughts and ideas surrounding sustainability and the latest trends in environmental preservation.

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I pledge to adopt eco-friendly policies and continue efforts to save the environment. By spreading awareness and pledging my commitment, I am an Eco-Hero!

Thank you for doing your bit to save the Earth!