Waste Not The Food

Eat Your Greens

In May 2017, 6 of our centres held The Parents’ Club (TPC). TPC is an event for the parents, teachers and children to get together. The theme for the year was “Waste Not The Food” and it showcases children’s performance as well. The supervisors of each centre had a presentation to the parents on the rise of food waste. This is an on-going problem that is rising not only in Singapore, but in the world. Since many are still unaware of it, the children too learned on food wastage.

They now have their own food wastage song which talks about how we should not waste our food. Every Tuesday, music lessons are conducted during our Speech & Drama enrichment to prepare them for the performance. The song emphasises on how food is being wasted daily and how we can help to reduce this problem and was written by none other than our Kowabunga! teachers! The background music is by the web-famous “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. They practised for the performance for a month and showed an amazing performance to their parents.

In August, we held a food drive for Foodbank Singapore! We sent a broadcast message to our parents if they would like to donate food to Foodbank. Parents were very supportive and in a month, we collected different types of non-perishable food items such as rice, canned foods, biscuits and spreads. Later that year, Foodbank came to a few schools to give a talk to the children too!

Before the new year starts, we designed our own plates for the children’s lunch. The slogan “Waste Not The Food” was printed onto the plate, to remind the children that food should not go to waste and to encourage them to finish the food that’s on their plate!


Here’s like a good place to save the planet,
so Kidz Treehouse! is where we go
Me and my friends at the table talking stats
about food waste in the world
We talk for hours and hours
about how we have the power
to ignore some food due dates
And if our fridge is too cold,
then food can grow old
All wrinkled with some mould

Now we’re singing like
Guys, do you know how much
food in the world gets wasted
1 point 3
Billion tons of food from stores, restaurants,
homes, and companies?
Guys, oh you buy too much
1 in 9 people on earth go hungry
You should bring a Tupperware please
You should bring a Tupperware please
Mm mm mm!

We don’t love when you waste your food
We order way more than we consume
Starving people don’t get to choose
When they go to bed hungry
At the supermarket in aisle two
We should buy all the ugly fruits
Cuz you know it still tastes brand new
And it’s good for our country

Oh I oh I oh I oh I
(Don’t waste don’t waste don’t waste)
Please just eat all of your food
Oh I oh I oh I oh I
(Don’t waste don’t waste don’t waste)
We don’t love when you waste your food~~~~

Food Wastage