KIDZ TREEHOUSE maintains a strong, open communication and engage families in the holistic development of the child via;

  1. Regular communication with Parents via KIDZ TREEHOUSE student handbook and Online Parents Portal
  2. Monthly Newsletter
  3. Parent-Teacher Conference and Semester Report
  4. SCC Parents Handbook
  5. Orientation for newly registered parents
  6. Open communication channel via Whatsapp
  7. Regular Feedback (Survey, Focus Group)
  8. Parents’ participation in activities and learning trips
  9. Linking SCC and families with other community resources
  10. Parenting Workshops and Talks


Kidz Treehouse is proud to have over 7 years of experience in operating School Based Student Care Centres. Over the years, we have received numerous positive feedbacks from the school management and parents on our programme. All of our centres are fully owned (not franchised) and thus we have full control of its quality and staffing.

Our in-house school SCC experience includes;

o Telok Kurau Primary School        o Clementi Primary School
o Holy Innocent’s Primary               o Juying Primary School
o Tampines Primary School            o Geylang Methodist School
o Cantonment Primary School        o Frontier Primary School
o Rosyth School                              o East Spring Primary School
o Haig Girls’ School

We believe in having a close knitted relationship with the school. A strong partnership enhances the capabilities of providing a more enriching learning experience for our children. We have developed structured communications via the following methods.

  • MONTHLY MANAGEMENT REPORT to update the school on our programmes
  • Frequent COMMUNICATION on operational matters and event
  • COLLABORATED Character Development Programme via school values
  • Bi-Annual Regular MEETINGS with School’s management
  • Closely Working with CANTEEN VENDORS to provide healthy, nutritious meals

For more info on our quality student care programme for your school/organization, kindly contact us at enquiry@kowabunga.com.sg

Kidz Treehouse