What is the role of Nature in learning? Through the Forest Explorer programme, we equip the young with skills and competencies for the 21st Century through a dynamic learning experience.

Forest Explorer

Children will be able to connect to nature and foster compassion and respect for living beings and the environment.


Children are guided to achieve their highest artistic potential through the use of their imagination and creativity.

Rhythm Mania

Develop self-belief, an appreciation for the Arts and musical flair through music, speech and drama.


Children will be exposed to coding and programming to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Children will build a solid foundation in fundamental movement skills through high-energy sport activities.


Learning Values, Empowering Skills. Changemakers of the future will be groomed to be visionaries and collaborators.

Holistic Enrichment Programme

Our campus premises are nature playscapes that are designed to immerse your child in a nurturing environment. Beyond homework supervision and care after school hours, our curriculum provides a holistic enrichment programme and learning experience. Enrol your child or enquire on our student care programme today!