Assisting Less Advantaged Students

KIDZ TREEHOUSE strives to provide a high quality student care programme to the masses. Our CARE for all has been a pillar of strength in our family of teachers, students, and parents.

Kindly download Annex 5 for some of the cases we have assisted and testimonials form appreciative parents.

Financial Assistance

Families under this category are heavily subsidized, with waived fees for all registration and variable fees. Those earning GMI less than $2,200 do not need to pay any academic fees.

Counselling Assistance

We provide emotional and psychological support to families in need. Teachers are also trained with basic counselling to provide support, going the extra mile and beyond the standard SCC setting for the children. Professional counselling are also provided for special cases in collaboration with Family Support Centres (FSC), MSD and the child’s school.

Programmes with the Community

We believe in a strong relationship with the community and as a result, work with numerous Learning Partners to support the holistic learning of the child. Our programme includes:

  • Kids’ Lab Science Programme – NLB
  • Reading and Storytelling Programme – Singapore National Library
  • Kids for Nature Programme – NParks
  • Flag Day – Singapore Red Cross
  • Home for the Elderly visit – Bethany Methodist Home & Jamiyah Home
  • Orphanage Building (Overseas Programme) – Mercy Relief & BAPA Society
  • National Education Programme – Singapore Discovery Centre

Earth Care

Some of our Partners

Using nature as a learning tool, the programme goes beyond the classroom to appreciate and understand the world around us. Students learn through events such as:

  • Clean the Beach Day
  • ECO Farm Trip / Zoo Visit
  • Botanical Garden Trip
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Racial Harmony
  • Civil Defense Day
  • Mothers’ Day / Father’s Day
  • Earth Day
Kidz Treehouse