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Develop confident and happy learners ready to conquer the challenges of the 21st Century as responsible stewards of the Earth.


Benefits of being a Kidz Treehouse Explorer!

Build confidence and independence

Using nature as a tool to develop confident and independent learners, the Kidz Treehouse Explorers programme seeks to nurture learners who are emotionally and socially competent. The programme aspires to develop healthy self esteem through experiential learning. Our young explorers will foster a deeper understanding towards their relationship between themselves and the natural environment.

Develop empathy for others and nature

By being outdoors and interacting with the natural environment, children’s sense of curiosity will be heightened, leading them to be more engaged, motivated and active in learning. Our experiential learning develops better psychomotor, affective and cognitive skills in children, enabling them to become  well-rounded learners.

Parents who wish to be a part of their child’s experience may utilise our online sessions exclusively available for ticket holders. As parents play a significant role in their child’s development, we are committed to providing updates  of your child’s progress as he or she moves along our sessions.

Stimulate creativity and imagination

With the completion of the Kidz Treehouse Explorers series (12 weeks), children will

A Unique Forest School Experience

Kidz Treehouse Explorers is a series of outdoor learning experience for children aged 4-7 to learn, play and imagine through nature.

In the day and age where personal development for young children is highly sought after, children are faced with pressures to cope with enrichment lessons and extra-curricular activities. What if there was a way to build resilience, grit and confidence, where your child is able to pick up these skills naturally? Come join us for a morning of fun under the sun where learning and imagination take flight with Kidz Treehouse Explorers.


Why Parents Love Kidz Treehouse Explorers

“Thank you, Kidz Treehouse, for the morning adventure. Looking from their happy and excited faces, the children must have had a blast with mother nature.”
“Valeris is not an outdoor lover, but the activities lined up by Kidz Treehouse must have been very fun because she can’t stop talking about it.”
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For the best learning experience, we recommend children to come onboard our 10-week sessions. Expand your child’s global perspective on the environment, tap on their potential and build their character early in life through nature with Kidz Treehouse Explorers.

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