Meaningful Fun with Mother Nature: Nature Explorers 2019 is Back and Better Than Ever!

After the great success of Nature Explorers over the September holidays, we are excited to announce that the much-anticipated programme is back this upcoming November and December. This time, it will be held at the one and only Jurong Lake Gardens.⁠ Boasting a 90-hectare garden that comprises of Lakeside Garden, Chinese and Japanese Gardens and Garden Promenade, our young explorers can definitely look forward to a vast amount of space to explore and get inspired by.

We will be bringing the children to experience the Great Outdoors, immersing them in the beauty of Mother Nature while overcoming a variety of eco-friendly challenges.⁠ ⁠Here are some of the exciting activities that will be conducted during Nature Explorers:

Mindful Mandala

This has evolved into a signature activity for Nature Explorers as we get children to develop a love for nature by creating their own art with a circle formation using only natural elements. This calming activity allows children to connect with the world around them as they build a mandala from materials sourced by themselves such as flowers, leaves, rocks, sticks, pebbles and more from the natural environment around them.

Some of the surprising benefits of Mandala art are that it inspires creativity and independence, encourages teamwork and offers the perfect balance between structure and free play.

Pebble Play

This is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activity that encourages moving meditation, teamwork, ingenuity and individual creativity. Through natural trial and error, children will learn to create stone structures and land art without the use of adhesives as a means of support.

This is a great activity to encourage kids to explore the world around them as it combines creative play and the outdoors. It also helps to promote mindfulness and relaxation as well as the development of eye-hand coordination and motor skills⁠⁠.⁠ 


Imagination takes the rein in Build-a-Fort. Using pegs, ropes, cloth, and other buildable tools, children will be given creative freedom to build their own forts at the playground. 

This will enable them to develop social and cognitive skills as they experience teamwork and apply a fundamental engineering approach to creating a sanctuary for imaginative play. With a spark of imagination and a whole lot of creativity, we challenge our young learners to build to their hearts’ content.

Through our activities, we believe in the importance of involving nature in our daily play so as to challenge the minds of our learners. Encouraging children to explore our natural resources is such a wonderful opportunity to promote curiosity and discovery through wonderful sensory experiences.

Our one-day Nature Explorers programme will be held on these dates (8 am to 12 pm): 

Children of ages 5 to 6: 19 & 21 November 2019⁠ 

Children of ages 7 to 12: 3, 5, 10, 12 December 2019⁠ ⁠ 

There will be an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL of $128 if you register between 21st Oct to 1st November 2019 (usual price $148). 

We will also be providing a complimentary Nature Explorer Kit and BusyKidz Bag (worth $75) to supplement the fun activities that we have prepared and to fully-equip our participants on their journey of discovery. These personalised Nature Explorer Kits will be mailed out straight to your mailbox, at no charge at all, before the event day while the BusyKidz Bag will be given on the day itself with a surprise activity inside.

To aim for a zero-waste event, we encourage our participants to bring along their own reusable ware: Reusable bag, cutlery, food container, cup, and bottles. Let’s stay true to our green movement as we gear towards zero-waste Singapore.

We are beyond excited to have your children on board for a day of meaningful fun and adventure! Click here to register your children for Nature Explorers today. 

About Kidz Treehouse

Kidztreehouse is the first Eco-Inspired Student Care in Singapore to offer premium nature-based education programmes that groom kids into global changemakers.⁠ ⁠ Our programmes encourage character development and promote sustainability through enriching activities and lessons such as⁠ Outdoor Activities and Games⁠, Craft Activities, Journaling, Environmental Knowledge and Mindfulness lessons⁠, Music, Speech & Drama and Creative Writing enrichment lessons⁠.


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