Nature-based Student Care

We nurture the changemakers of tomorrow through our eco-inspired student care service with a focus on environmental sustainability and character development.


Nested in the premises of MOE Primary Schools, we support our children’s development through homework supervision, in line with the syllabus and enriching their time with daily character booster sessions to build positive role-models of tomorrow.

primary school student care
Community-based student care


Serving the public and children from primary schools around the vicinity, our community-based nature campus focuses on the holistic development and growth of your child in a safe, loving and caring environment.

Our Time Table

Beyond homework supervision in our Study Booster programme, the Kidz Treehouse Student Care curriculum incorporates holistic education through character development and enrichment programmes.

after school care time table

Enrichment Programme

Our Enrichment Curriculum is based on clearly defined learning outcomes that cover 5 core strands:

Indoor Play

kidz treehouse speech-and-drama

Speech & Drama


kidz treehouse eco-learning


kidz treehouse outdoor student care

Outdoor Play

Character Development Programme

Through a comprehensive character development programme, each Kidz Treehouse student possesses the following 5 Attributes:

kidz treehouse well-mannered


kidz treehouse compassionate



kidz treehouse resillient



Holistic Enrichment Programme

Our campus premises are nature playscapes that are designed to immerse your child in a nurturing environment. Beyond homework supervision and care after school hours, our curriculum provides a holistic enrichment programme and learning experience. Enrol your child or enquire on our student care programme today!

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