We connect children with Nature through classroom learning and outdoor experiences.

These nature activities for children instil a love for nature in them and nurture the urgency to address the Earth’s sustainability in facing the issues of climate change. When children love nature and the outdoors, they become more compassionate towards people and the environment. Through our nature based childcare and enrichment programmes, we empower children in Singapore to be resilient and compassionate individuals. Beyond that, we foster important skills they need and demonstrate values critical for them to be future-ready, grooming them to become Global Changemakers!


Our campus-based programmes provide a comprehensive and holistic experience for every child.


Nature is the Best Playground! Nurture excellent character from a young, tender age by connecting with Nature! Our play-based Quality Early Childhood Education programme supports your child’s growth and learning.

Student Care

Our nature-based Student Care programme allows children to discover their potential early and develop excellent character. We empower changemakers with a global perspective through our Eco-Inspired campus.

Outdoor Events

Our outdoor events encompass a series of nature activities for children. These outdoor learning experiences create opportunities for young kids in Singapore to play, learn and imagine.

Kidz Treehouse Explorers

Nature Explorers is a nature immersion event that sharpens creativity and nurtures positive values. Learn values of compassion, resilience and mindfulness, as children appreciate the harmony of Man with Nature.


An annual outdoor symposium with the larger community. During this day-camp , join Kidz Treehouse children as we advocate and walk-the-talk to save the Earth and lead a sustainable lifestyle.


Kids will immerse themselves in an outdoor creative play to create collaboratively and build imaginatively, using tools in an adult-free zone. They will learn 21st Century skills that will transform them into creative problem-solvers and global change makers.

Our teaching philosophy

Our vision is to develop excellent character through the Kidz Treehouse Social, Emotional Excellence Development (S.E.E.D) System.






“Thanks Kidz Treehouse for giving Allycia
the opportunity to participate in this
memorable trip! She is so happy today!
Thanks to all the crew who took good care
and had fun with the children!”

Allycia’s Mom on the Nature Explorers Programme


5 benefits of living in nature

Have you experienced curriculums that immerse children in the marvels of nature? Are you a fan of lessons plans that present children with open-ended tasks and child-led learning? Are you all about activities where children are encouraged to take risks where appropriate?

Enrol your changemakers

We’re committed to expanding the learning horizon of children under our care, thereby grooming them to be leaders and changemakers. Our robust team curates enriching nature-based childcare programmes, to immerse your child in a nurturing environment. Enrol your child in our nature-based programmes today!