When it comes to gifting, the fun part’s the presentation. Imagine all the creative ways to present a gift! But here’s the tricky part: there is a tonne of ways to decorate a gift, what are you going to do? Are you going to use recyclable wrapping paper or tissue paper? How do you even tie a perfect gift bow? So many questions and sometimes, all you want is a simple answer.

Firstly, gift wrap is best when it can be reused or recycled, since we already know how wrapping paper can harm the environment! So it’s best to keep it simple and opt for a DIY gift wrap. Also, how do you wrap a small gift? Most of the time we’re tempted to just place the gift in a fancy bag – and there we have it – the present is ‘wrapped’! But seriously, we can do better. So let’s be more imaginative and have fun with gift wrap!

So if you’re looking for a simple way to level up your DIY gift wrap game, you’ve come to the right place! All you need are:

  1. A small gift
  2. A kraft paper bag
  3. Twine/String
  4. A decorative item (we used dried flowers)
  5. Tape
  6. A little bit of paint
  7. A paintbrush/pencil
  8. Gift tag

Follow these steps to stylishly level up your gift wrap game!

1. Place your gift in a kraft paper bag.
Pretty Simple DIY Gift Wrap
2. Fold the bag to the shape of your gift.
Pretty Simple DIY Gift Wrap
3. Tie a length of twine or string around it.
Pretty Simple DIY Gift Wrap
4. Attach your decorative item to the kraft paper bag.
Pretty Simple DIY Gift Wrap
5. Add a gift tag.
Pretty Simple DIY Gift Wrap
6. Prepare paint.
Pretty Simple DIY Gift Wrap
7. Dip your paintbrush or the end of a pencil into your preferred shade of paint. Create fun dots all over the kraft bag.
Pretty Simple DIY Gift Wrap
8. You’re done!

You can also watch it here!

This is one way to be eco-friendly with your gift so be sure to share this idea with friends and family who are eco-conscious too! We hope this inspires you to keep being creative with your presents!

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